Sporadic SM convert


First – if you looked at this because you were searching for a different type of SM – try again! I mean Social Media.

I was never a fan when the revolution of SM began. Facebook passed me by and I swore I was Just Not Interested. That’s until friends would say ‘oh that picture was sooo cute!’ or ‘yeah, I agree, totally, that’s just like me. LoL’ and I got curious. Curiosity is a great trait. We want to know what’s going on around us, that is the reason for the perpetual questions from toddlers “But why?” “Yes, but, why?!”  I gave in and joined.

I am still learning how the wider FB community works and it is incredible what can be achieved by the gathered social power of shares & likes.

I am exploring Twitter too (owl joke?) and will be posting little poems on my site (page? whatever…) @lizzie_hw

And then, there is this blog.

I am not brilliant at the techie stuff but I am learning and when I hear primary schools will be teaching coding I know I can no longer ignore the SM revolution. Sign me up!


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