Post it & they’ll read it – will they?


When I started writing – it was easy.

I have been writing since I was eight. Stories, poems, comics and more. I have books filled with my childish scribble, doodles, pages of title ideas and font styles. Now I have two computers bursting with fresh ideas.

As I reach into a career as a writer, the basic story-writing process (though challenging and often lonely) is fine and I am enjoying creating characters and worlds for people to find.

Then – enter the World of Blog.

Ahh! Now I have to think of short, witty posts to entertain folk and reach new readers, whilst maintaining my quirky persona as a writer from Yorkshire who likes cake and SF/F/H.

I am getting there and am amazed when someone new takes an interest and is bothered enough to post a comment/like or follow me.

It was super exciting to see my eBook on Amazon. I was giddy at my first sale (even though it was only around $0.30) but to get complete strangers taking an interest in what I have to say is really priceless.

For anyone worrying about it – Don’t!   do, don’t dream…

And to those of you who read and share –

thanks, danke, cheers, tack, grazie tanto, merci, gracia, ta, dankje   

you are all brilliant!



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