Flu against Me


Well, I was floored by a bad bout of flu recently and am just about feeling human again.

The worst thing is that my carefully planned writing tasks-list had to be scrapped [boo-hoo]. I spend ages filling in the weekly calendar in neat 30 minute slots. I had a deadline for a new eBook and that had whizzed past whilst I was laying about coughing and spluttering and trying to force-feed myself tasteless soup. Yuk!

The truth is, such setbacks do happen. And as a self-employed writer there is only ME to rely on. So, as I dust myself off, I have to re-plan. The meticulously worked out deadline has dramatically moved to January so I can focus on my mini Christmas special. I need to get my social media updates, well, updated.

I expect it will be 2-3 days before I feel back on track. Oh, the joys of being an Indie!

There are 2 lessons here, for any indie (writer/artist/baker/nail technician…): 1st – don’t over-pack your tasks. You need ‘gaps’ for setbacks. And don’t think ‘oh I never get sick!’ because a setback isn’t just about You. What about a burst pipe, sick pet/child/car? Christmas is invading my time at the moment like a sparkling marauder!  So – be prepared.

2nd – be adaptable. If you are too rigid in your plans, you will fail. You need to be flexible. You are managing yourself and your work.

As I have found – writing is the easy bit, the joy, the passion, the hours lost in a fantasy-land are wonderful. Yet there are still the boring tasks too: planning, research, promoting/marketing …

So, be ready for those pesky interrupters!


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