Twisted Reality ??


I have written about genres before and how writers can be forced into categories. Yet, recently a friend told me how she’d had difficulty explaining my style of writing to an interested party. As much as I don’t want to be ‘boxed-in’ I realised there is a need for an easy way to describe what I write.

Rather than a long descriptive stream: SF/F/H, dark fantasy, alternative history/reality, false worlds, speculative fiction, near future, paranormal, supernatural, thrill – I won’t go on. I spent a few days pondering this conundrum and came up with: Twisted Reality. Yeah! That’s my style.

In truth, most fiction fits this description – just have a think: The Wizard of Oz – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Anna Karenina…but the name lends itself well to a mixture of the weird & wonderful so it suits me fine.

If you’ve not read my work yet, try these if You Dare!

A Little Bit Scary!  (short tales of horror)

3 Christmases (a collection of 9 tales – re-working folk-tales, sci-fi, fantasy & futuristic summarising.


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