‘Ta Da!’ goes my cornet, how about yours?


Never mind the usual resolutions for New Year about diet/exercise etc – do something positive for you.

Whilst the British are renowned for being overly polite, extreme queuers and generally ‘very nice’ the American population are often characterised as bullish, over-confident and go-getters. Yet around the world, all such traits are visible and any individual can decide whether to sit patiently in a corner and let everyone else go first or be the get-ahead-with-confidence type.

I don’t suggest abandoning manners but it is OK to talk about your own achievements. If you have done something great – share it.

Think about who you consider as a Great Achiever – how did they do it and how do you know about it? Along the way, they told their story. How many books are written about success?Thousands!

So be your own success story and shout about what you have done. Be proud.

For myself: I have begun a writing career including self-publishing eBooks; I have 4 star reviews for my book Towards The Stars & once, I came runner-up in a Ladies Team tug-of-war (and I’m 5 foot 2″ and weigh under 50KG).

So, come on – make 2015 all about you! 

              Have a great New Year! 

               from Elizabeth Haley-Wood – writer

[cornet= small trumpet]


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