Writer’s Room – where do you do it?


Some writers have special rooms to encourage their flows of inspiration.

Charles Dickens had a French chalet shipped over in pieces then re-built in his grounds! Victoria Wood (British comedian) has an old Victorian summer-house that sits in her garden and can be hand-turned to keep the sunshine in.

Others have studies, Dylan Thomas had a tiny room but packed with his notes, scribblings and drawings pinned to the walls.

As a home-based indie writer, I have the pick of the house. I could set-up in the smallest bedroom but my partner uses that for his office and I’d have to wrangle the suitcases, DIY leftovers and official papers out of my way.

I did try the bedroom. I decided to Stand Up Straight! It was on TV about posture and the trend for working-whilst-walking-treadmills (really?) I used the ironing-board. The views over the garden were great but it wasn’t for me.

I like music whilst I write. The best source is via the TV – digital sounds! So I stay – in the living room. Hunched over a storage box, umbilically attached to the power, squinting under the ‘mood lighting’ and swearing loudly when I press the wrong key because I can’t see (it WAS the computer’s fault…).

At least I can get up, stretch and look out the window and see what the neighbours are up to. Ooh! But – oh, no, back to work…


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