Poem – Rat’s It


an experiment –

I tried to post a poem in parts. I used the modernist Twitter platform. It keeps things sharp & short. I crafted a silly little tale, no great revelations or deep, deep insights. Just a poem, about a rat. Yet, in amongst the random babble, how well did my little tale travel? I think it got lost along the way. Between re-tweets and hashed-up video-plays. So, even though it’s not too smart or beautifully descriptive art – here it is, in all its parts:

  1. Whisky was a baby when they took him from the store, so cute and adored, with a soft pink nose and silver fur.
  2. He had a special box to keep him safe and warm.
  3. They looked after him and petted him and loved him, very much.
  4. But he liked to escape & go for adventures on his own.
  5. All around the neighbourhood, he’d often roam.
  6. The neighbours were not happy. They complained and made a fuss.

7. He got inside their houses and nibbled through the walls.

8. They colluded and conspired and set so many traps!

9. in the end, he was caught and found squashed flat ….

10.  Shame – cos he was quite a beautiful rat…

#ratsEnough folks!


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