A short story: Terminus Conditions


‘do you read the T&Cs? maybe you should….’

Terminus Conditions (the small print)

I wanted to die.

Wanted is not the correct word, I did not wish for death, I was prepared.

I had completed all my forms, per the deadlines and guidelines. I never understood those that refused or delayed too long. We all knew the consequences, the penalties. All my life I acted as a proper citizen as I had been brought up and taught and fundamentally, I believed in those systems.

I did not want new eyes or hips. I had treatments for some conditions, of course, I wanted a healthy life and being mobile was essential to conduct my business and informal appointments. I ticked all the boxes after reading over the contract with great care. I submitted it, signed/dated and feeling satisfied that I had met the timescales and all was well.

Yet, there was a clause, in the terms & conditions. Isn’t there always? I was never a fool about such things and I wouldn’t even buy a can of sugar-drink without checking the smaller print. So I was shocked at the outcome. How could I have agreed to this?!

I had not requested a fast-car to the clinic for an injection or agreed to die slowly and in pain. I simply made clear that at my advanced age, there was no desire on my part (mental faculties all confirmed as above the 89% roll-rate) and without collusion from any third party benefactor of my inheritance, etcetera etcetera…

And, they caught me out. A single clause termed with the simplistic PC. Have you heard of this, PC? Are you immediately thinking: personal computing, political correctness; personal choice! Ha. Then you are fooled too.

PC is preserved consciousness. That is what I agreed to and that is what they have done to me.

No body, no eyes or hips because I ticked the box ‘no replacements’ and I even gave most parts away for ‘scientific research or donor use’.

I am here, but without senses, just a consciousness in a box? Or some unperceived vessel? I don’t know the procedures or if I am visible to others.

I exist. Because they wanted me to.

This stream of thought may be recorded, sent out live, deleted, subdued – I do not know. They kept me because I am of some value. I send out this ‘message’ in hope that you find it and heed this warning: read the small print!

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