short tale: COP


this short scene was written as I am doing a free on-line creative writing course, seemed a pity to ‘waste it’ so I’m sharing it…

COP by Elizabeth Haley-Wood

Donut crumbs tumbled down his shirt. Bits of icing and jam created criss-cross patterns, adding to the old stains. With a sigh, Jim shoved the last quarter into his mouth and chomped, mashed and obliterated the dough. He felt too hot in the patrol car. The medicals were steaming ever nearer. Two weeks. He’d never get fit by then!

The humiliation of weighing-in stretched his mind in search of comfort, he daydreamed of lasagne. His wife’s lasagne. With three types of cheese and a thick tomato layer.

Up ahead, the raiders showed no signs of communicating with the ‘star’ negotiator. Jim hated this street. Amy used to work at the bank. He remembered the uniform of blue and green, the cravat… Her colleagues were in there, scared, crying. Suddenly, he felt her near him. She wasn’t happy. She was shouting at him. Amy never raised her voice. She was telling him, to go, to move. To help them.

With some effort and huffing, Jim, red-faced squeezed out of the car and began to walk steadily up the street, towards the bank. Someone shouted at him to stop, he ignored them.

“Hey, Pete” he addressed the chief. “Look. Can I try? Huh?” he saw the derisive look, then a quick shift to a shrug: “Sure. Why not.” Gulliver swotted the negotiator away and handed Jim the speaker. Jim wasn’t sure what he was going to say but he wanted to try.

For the first time in months, since Amy passed away – he felt like a cop.

<task: to take a stereotype [donut-eating cop] and change it from the out-dated perception by giving depth to the character>


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