Get Inspired – do something new


I am a big fan of Ted. He’s not related to me or a friend, as such. I mean, of course: TED. If you’ve never heard of it – whaaatt?

I came across their mini-lectures in 2013 via a lifestyle magazine. Now I have TED connected to my TV – it’s a treasure trove of ideas/concepts and thought-provoking snippets on everything you can think of. Art, business, robotics, architecture, writing, social behaviour… I could be addicted??

I watched: Anant Agarwal’s 15 minutes about new ways to educate people across the world. Fascinating stuff. And I was inspired – I found free on-line courses via The Open University and I’m about 20% into a creative writing course. /this all happened yesterday.

On-line learning is at your pace. When you want to do it. How you want to do it. If you can – attend a local course, join an interest-group, it is easy.

So – what is stopping YOU?

Nothing. Zip. Nil. 0

start right now. Watch a TED feed, find a course (some are minutes – a quick read with a cuppa). Try: edX, search for MOOCs, look-up ‘free courses’, just type LEARN & hit search >>>  Go on…. now!!


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