I love words. Old and new. I have a really old dictionary which I peruse for fun. A battered Thesaurus that has pages dropping out. A tiny Collins Gem. A collection of Oxford word-books.

I like to make new words too. As I write sometimes the correct word doesn’t ‘exist’. I am a writer so I invent one. Here’s one: scurrysome. I found it today whilst writing a new poem about my story-fairies.

Then again, there are troublesome words that I always, Always spell wrong. When I was young it was: because. I could never get it right.

Now, it’s: negogiator vialition lacsidaisical  Ahh! Then I fall out, seriously shouting/swearing when spellcheck doesn’t know the answer either. ??

I am sure I am not alone. I give in, usually to the proper spellings & use of words. But language is evolving, right now. So forgive me not, if you read a word that you do not know – I probably made it up.

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