About Me [ I like cake ]


You don’t need to hire an investigator or trawl through telephone directories, today all you need is a quick ‘search’ and you can find all sorts of details about a person.

To save you the trouble:

I am a poet, a writer, a thief            

I stole an idea, it wasn’t mine to keep

I used it, cruelly twisting it to suit my will

bending the truths that hid within

an old conversation between two friends.

I never knew them, at all, just saw them

one day, beside a row of cakes.

They were discussing moving

between choosing – cakes.

Chocolate or lemon, frosted or not?

were their important musings, that day.

I listened, leaned in, intent…

eyes wide with greed that writers possess

a move to the coast, an escape

from an eager lover

or a gentle repose, closer to home

The moment passed

they moved away.

With my pockets full

I paid

– just for the cake.

Elizabeth Haley-Wood

(working on a new eBook – CAKE!)


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