Like. Friend. Follow. (a social comment?)


I LIKE you – most of the time. But you did post ‘that’ comment about: Star Wars.

You know I’m a fan, right? It’s on my profile page.

So, why? Why?…… and You!

Yes, well done. You did another 5k run. I said it was awesome! 🙂 but you still haven’t replied to mine, why?   Why?    WHY?!

I don’t want to de-friend you but I’ve had Enough, of cute cats & angels and games (I Do Not Want To Play) and your kids being silly or that guy (who is he? you don’t know him) who posts funny videos that aren’t funny.

>>>>>>  I followed You. I was pleased. A certain superiority, I felt, at following a scientist. You share so much, on new energy sources and bio-kinetics – wow! I am learning great stuff. Then, suddenly, you go on about a divorce. Hmm? Awkward. You share So Much.

And the Author. I rave about to all my real-life friends and re-tweet obsessively. Now you’re telling everyone in the world about your neighbour’s ‘car’??

It got trashed. A random act? Revenge?  How the hell do I know?! I live at the Other Side of the World. It wasn’t me. I didn’t see anything.

So, please, all of you, just: Stop. Stop posting nonsense to non-existent friends and over-sharing so I blush even though we are not in the same room.

Stop. Or else, I WILL have to, click-click that @#~ ……

but, then what? what if you all stop following Me ?!?

by: Elizabeth Haley-Wood  waiting for the ‘I like you but not that much‘ option.

What I really want is a ‘catch-up’ option, like when you only read the Sunday version of the paper because you have time to read it properly and you haven’t already heard/seen the ‘news du jour’ via some persistent media-stream. Or, we could go back, to when we’d have a chat, on the phone, at an agreed time. So all the crap has evaporated and we forget we even saw a dancing cat on a scooter…



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