time off ??


I took myself off the social media circuits for a week. Apart from checking-in with family posts on Facebook I abstained from the rest.

Instead I watched movies, read, listened to music and indulged in my TED obsession.

The result was a jump-start to my writing. I found new stories that are coming together nicely in a new eBook (Cake & 14 ways to eat it).

The reason for my ‘down-time’ was to return to the creative process that I love. Social Media can be fun but it is part of my business; it is marketing/promoting and connecting with fellow writers and potential customers. And it can be hard work.

So, if you are a constant blogger/tweeter/pinner – don’t be afraid to take a break. It feels great.

Right now, there is snow outside. It sparkles in bright sunshine – so I think I will have another break & go for a walk…


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