Follow that dream, kid!


Years ago I did a psychometric test. I found it again recently. The results were clear: Elizabeth should look at a career with a ‘creative’ angle. She is not suited to finances.

So, what job did I get?

I took a job in local government, in an office. My first task was filing, that stalwart of all good office jobs. And there was so much of it! We did main files twice a day and I mean heavy, huge dusty folders, some were so big you could only handle one at a time.

Over the years, I advanced. I answered phones, opened mail, later I handled the customer queries, made complex calculations, input data which included making corrections/adjustments. Much later I led teams and moved through different departments. But my ‘creative yearning’ never left. I was the one who’d volunteer for projects, I’d develop new internal forms, learn how to use new IT systems and then share ways to make the teams more efficient.

Yet, I felt I was missing something important. I knew what it was but I ignored it. Well, honestly – everyone has to find a way to pay bills and it was a very good job in terms of pay, conditions and holidays. It was that institution that granted me a year off to pursue my love of writing.

My ‘grown-up gap year’ began on 1st February 2014. With a return date of 3rd February 2015 (I never liked working on Mondays!).

In the end, or rather, before the end – I knew I would not go back to office work. My ‘gap year’ ended in November when I gave my notice.

Now, I feel  🙂  (most of the time). I love being able to write any day and time, not having to scribble stuff in my lunch break or rush home to get ideas down before they run away.

I have a blog and twitter-feed, I have published my own books – I am living MY dream!

Sure, I fret over money sometimes, my savings are dwindling (luckily my bills are at their lowest ever, I have a supportive & hard-working husband and we have no debt) – I know I may need to get a part-time job.

But – the seemingly tough decision was in fact,

the easiest of my life.

All I did was chose to follow my heart.

‘Follow That Dream’ is the title of a film starring Elvis Presley, based on the novel: Pioneer: Go Home! It is also the name of a pop band & ‘follow that dream, kid’ it is the ‘reminder’ in my phone that pops up every few weeks so I don’t become complacent at how lucky I am…



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