Review: Better off Dead


I am on page 48 of this 440+ paperback by TOM WOOD.

The cover, aptly for me right now, is a winter scene with snow, frosted trees, a figure and slices of blood.

It’s a thriller. About assassins, hired-guns, contract-killers.

So far I am impressed by the narration which is intelligent & considered. Just because it is a action-crime-thriller where the reader expects violence and lots of it – the prose is written at a measured pace to match the protagonist’s mind-set.

He thinks: carefully and the writing reflects this analytical approach perfectly.

That doesn’t mean the action is slow, it is not!

So, I had guessed the outcome of the first six chapters by page 12 but that was part of the fun. Like when you spot a clue in a classic murder-mystery before the detective and you try to tell them – they never listen.

I recommend this read:  BETTER OFF DEAD by Tom Wood  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 /5


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