no burnt offerings here


I can make a good quiche. **

It’s the first thing I learned in cooking terms – school domestic classes, which I generally hated. But it was a technical hit for me and I am pretty clumsy and awkward with most crafty stuff. It served me well on leaving home.

I started to learn other dishes and found I was reasonably OK at it and quite liked it. I have a modest collection of cookery books.

I cook most days, dinner is usually my job. I bake sometimes. The cakes may be a bit lop-sided, the extra layers of icing/cream tend to be hiding burnt edges.

I like doing it. 🙂

Now writing – that’s something else. I am consumed by it. I lay awake – when I want to be fast asleep (I like sleeping) – and ideas I haven’t looked for pop into my head. At 1am this morning I had about 4 new article ideas and a rough eBook outline and the start of some kind of story (maybe…)

The point is: baking is a hobby – writing isn’t.

If I bake for family & friends and it goes a bit wrong – that’s ok, they’ll probably still eat it. If it is really bad – we’ll laugh & bin it.  😕

If I write and it’s a bit ‘off’ I will not publish it.

I tinker with recipes in the same way I play with styles & tones but there is a considered difference. I would never try to give you a burnt-up story covered in fancy icing. If it’s not good – it goes in the bin (or stays in my Drafts folder, sulking 😦 ).

So, if you wondered about me as a self-publishing writer: Does she really care? Does she just post any old junk? Well, I don’t!

If you read any of my eBooks and feel that it is a bit stale – let me know – feedback is welcome.

[eBooks available on Amazon by Elizabeth Haley-Wood]

PS: I made quiche yesterday: onions sautéed in oil & black pepper + broccoli + cheese in a wholemeal pastry case & it is awesome! (today is a chicken stir-fry, after a trip to the local pub)


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