Tricks for motivation


Previously I blogged about my ‘old life’ working in an office. I did finance/management for over 20 years. I enjoyed most of it. I liked the challenges of mathematical problems, I devised spreadsheets with formulas. I was super-organised. I got promoted. I had career prospects.

 But I got bored with the roundabout: tedious meetings, the endless stats/targets, the repetitive chat about holiday-cover and performance reviews.  

I would find myself drifting off to my imaginary worlds of space operas, robots, ghosts! But that wasn’t useful in the middle of a workload management meeting :/

In my phone, I have a memo I wrote back then, it is a short list of the things I was Not Enjoying! meetings, stats, reports, blah… blah…

I read it every few months and it makes me smile. It reminds me, when I feel like I made a huge mistake in quitting a secure job, why I did…

I use other tricks: in my phone I set reminders at random intervals, over months with little notes like: Don’t Give Up!  & keep dreaming kid!  or Follow The Dream 🙂

These little reminders keep me going.

So, if you are feeling a bit stuck, stalled, stale…. send yourself a future pick-me up. 🙂



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