From that office to mine


The place I worked had open-plan layouts with around 1000 staff over 5 floors. People came & went and moved about and some stayed in the same seat for a while.

The place I work in now: varies from my sofa, to the dining room to the ‘study’ upstairs (if I can squeeze in & it’s not too cold or my husband isn’t occupying it).

THEN: I had a nice big desk with a couple of lockable units, my own tel extension and a very nice desk diary. I attended at least one stand-up meeting a day, a weekly management meeting, plus individual meetings with all my staff every month and a sit-down team meeting every 3-4 weeks. We discussed the same things in all the meetings: what’s the priority? Who is working late/early, covering holidays? Who needs training?

Most days I didn’t have lunch or would be eating it, at my desk at 3pm before I went home at 4pm. Or, if it was a bad day – straight to the pub!

Now: My ‘desk’ may be my lap, a cushion, the floor – anywhere! I meet with myself & tell myself off for not finishing the previous day’s Task-list. I constantly ‘lie’ about what the priorities are and change them. I set targets that I know I won’t complete. I worry over my stats. I work on holidays and weekends & even when I am socialising, a little part of me may still be working on an idea. As for the performance reviews? I think I may fail because I haven’t met my targets.

Most days, I forget to have lunch (or move!) and eat something around 3-4pm before my husband is texting saying ‘starving, what’s for dinner?’   :/

Would I go back? No, not ever!

Currently: sat on the floor, laptop on knees, supposed to be ‘relaxing’ and watching the classic film: Our Man in Marakesh… but my Task List is calling!


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