Research, is it worth it?


Most of my writing leans towards the strange, I like to mix up the genres of fantasy, speculation and science-fiction.

A writer of sci-fi could argue that research is irrelevant as, well, it’s all made up. But that’s not true.

In the story: The Xmas Box (in my collection 3 Christmases) – there are lots of gadgets. These are all imagined and are part of the background but I had a specific image of the family’s house  in mind. So I looked up modern architecture. I didn’t mention any specific terms in the story but it helped me ‘see’ the house and be able to move my characters around the space.

Whilst researching the classic Red Riding Hood (my own version appears in Towards the Stars) I discovered the oldest known versions were extremely violent. Granny wasn’t hiding under the bed and tucked away in the wardrobe, the wolf wore more than just her nightgown! In my version he is a werewolf and ‘Red’ is very happy to see him 😉

I have just published a new eBook called: Cake & 14 ways to eat it. For inspiration I viewed pictures of bread and cake and researched the history of flour and bread-making which led to baking cakes. As a newbie to Pinterest, I set up a ‘mood board’ to inspire me. Having images enabled my other senses to imagine the textures/scents, rather than stuffing my face with cake/bead/chocolate/apple pie… feeling peckish!!.

Not all of what I discover is used directly in the stories/poems but it helps me, as a writer, define clear boundaries for what I will write.

It also adds authenticity to even the most wild sci-fi adventures.

And, it’s fun!  🙂


CAKE & 14 Ways to eat it – by Elizabeth Haley-Wood is out now on Amazon.


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