Ways to earn whilst you write & wait and wait & wa…


So being a writer is fairly easy, getting paid …. not so.

I have published 7 eBooks and have earned around £20 – yeah go me!

I am happy at that because it is better than £0 and it means I am earning as a writer. I just need to earn more.

In the meantime, I am thinking of ways to earn a bit of spending money that won’t involve spending too long away from my writing. Maybe 2 days a week in an office? I dream of a receptionist job, saying ‘Good morning/afternoon how may I help you?’ and sharing in-jokes with the other staff – I miss that.

Today, I spotted a leaflet-dropper, wandering around the streets with her daughter and posting informative notices about: take-away services & bargain stores. That seems quite nice – a little stroll, get fresh air & exercise and earn a few quid???

In the meantime, I have gone into the murky world of: on-line surveys. I earn points and points make… vouchers! The vouchers are worth £10+ at certain shops – all seems good. I read that someone earned £200 in 6 months – not bad 😕

So I began.

The main one I use is fine. I have no issues with it. And I’m over half way to my first tenner!

The second – hmmm – already feeling a bit ill with it. They send me emails at a ferocious rate and tell me each one ‘only takes 25 minutes’ – that equates to hours a day!

And bizarrely one survey began with some short questions to ‘find out about me’ and included:

do you own a crab pot? / eh? what!!


do you have a ferret?  /  is that cos I am from Yorkshire? is that culturalist?? or county-ist?

Anyway I think I will be selective on how many I do – the points are not worth it, though, the comedy material may be useful….???  :/


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