Break #space /a poem


I started with a rough ranting article around the Likes, Follows, pop-ups and it became this ..

Break #space (a notice)

Oh, I do… like you; with your quickie searches fumbling about somewhere I can’t see but somehow feel and then: bam! You surprise me with infinite wonders.

And there are the treats, endless. Widgets and stars and likes that make me feel all fuzzy inside.

But, and I know we never agreed to be exclusive, but… still you share, so much of me.

OK, I agreed. Just, I wasn’t expecting it to be so personal. Strangers asked me for a holiday and invited me for cake – I felt… confusion. Happy & violated equally.

I love what you do to me, for me, with me! Ecstasy delivered daily with updates and immediate gratification (almost) guaranteed!

Yet – it’s not you, no, of course not. It is me. I feel a little, betrayed. I wait by the side-lines as you: whizz-bang about with all the others. It makes me question: us. What is the commitment here?

So, this is Not a break-up. A break, though. I need space. To re-consider our status.

If you want to, give an opinion, call / email

maybe a tweet, something short & sweet, to show me that you do care.

Then, maybe we can have a real relationship. x

by Elizabeth Haley-Wood

a Dear John/Jane to the glorious Internet!


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