Counting words? I’m over it!


I read as much as I can about writing from publishers, bloggers and authors.

A common topic for novelists is the elusive ‘word count’ – well, it’s remained elusive to me. I have marvelled at writers claiming epic daily word-counts of 5K and more. Many times I have endeavoured to set myself some targets but every time I have failed, fantastically!

It wasn’t writer’s block but the ‘target’ itself that caused the issue. I came from a world of daily targets and key productivity charts & think I’ve had enough of counting

As a full-time writer (part-time mature student!), I plan meticulously; I have plans for my next 5 books, promotion plans, resourcing/reading plans and more; yet the word ‘target’ seems to stop my creative flow.

Like a giant boulder fell and to be able to write I must clamber over it. I don’t like heights and this rock is a mountain! So I simply sit and stare at it as if my angry glare will make it melt away. It doesn’t.     😕

Now, I’m over the word counting and targets. Instead I set a deadline for the first draft, allow a week to finalise it, another week to begin promoting pre-launch.

And this approach is working very well.

eBook no 7 is out in Amazon’s Kindle store and I’m working on my next one (dark fantasy/contemporary romance) for a March publication.

If you struggle with a particular method – scrap it – you may find that once that obstacle is gone, you can achieve your task on your own terms. Happy writing/painting/designing….


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