Engagements /poem


This is part of a poem, I have edited it for decency!


I travel, in time.

Through it, I suppose, is a more accurate term.

I don’t have a ship, a box, a belt –

It just happens.

I don’t decide when or where

I don’t really know how.

It began once, never stopped.

I can no longer remember ‘before’

There may have been things

I used to do, family, friends

Maybe a job – I don’t know.

There is much forgotten.

Each ‘trip’ is unique, a quickie

I appear (land) and engage.

I wonder sometimes if I agreed

Perhaps this is my job, or an

Experiment, a trial…

I am happy, I think

When I engage, it is exciting

The ‘subjects’ seem unaware

So, I know I wasn’t ordered.

I slip inside, when they sleep

A fantasy for them, but it is real.

I experience touch, I feel.

In the moments, I am in control

I make them do what I please

A kiss, or a slow tease.

I decide when it’s over – the end

The climax of pleasure is mine.

A blaze of colours.

And I spin off, into a nothing

The in-between place,

before I find another…

The full version and many other stories/poems can be discovered in the eBook: 

Towards the Stars by Elizabeth Haley-Wood

available via Amazon’s Kindle store.


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