Facebook finger, ahhh, time to get ‘real’


I spent almost a week attached to my laptop. It felt welded to my lap and I am sure there is a ‘flat thighs’ condition brought on by too much resting/tapping time.

The reason was self-promotion.

I gave myself to the facebook and twitter advertising routine. Sharing posts from my own public/fan page to my favourite eBook sites and the Sci-Fi fan pages I follow.

There’s so many of them and I have a new list (from a reliable writers group) to test out. I enjoy creating these mini virtual ads, finding new ways to entice readers to my work.

Yet, I am missing out on serious real face time.

My nephew asked if I was standing in town centres giving out leaflets. “Not yet” I said, with a smirk. But that’s how it works. Think of buskers, street acts, poets – they start somewhere.

So my first round is a guerrilla attack!

I have some nice professionally printed business cards and they are going to start appearing in local venues – soon.

I tested it over the weekend, hiding them in plain sight in my local pub.

It’s a test, of sorts. And the next stage is developing leaflets with samples to give out on streets.

I can do it! I can be brave and talk to strangers, I think…

{I’ll let you know}    😉


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