Emigration is the only way / a poem


Purple skies climb higher for a while

Then spread wings and fly out, leaving us behind

With nothing to see.

Not even the darkness, it left too.

The atmosphere is solid

Inhaled through gears and wheels

That grind it into a soup we can ingest

But there is no comfort here.

The sun was taken away before it went nova

And there is a blue space that burns my eyes

I know I must leave, like the rest

Yet, this is home.

The propaganda-bots are steaming around

Leaving leaflets and trails of exhausted fumes

Telling us to leave, for our sakes, they say:

Emigration Is The Only Way!

I don’t want to meet new neighbours

Or learn new words and how to walk

In a changed gravity

Or wear communicators.

I like water, remnants of molecules dance in air.

Nowhere else has the real stuff

Certainly, not enough – to drink

That’s what I heard.

My family relocated decades ago

Took the incentive-package

To go to somewhere I can’t pronounce

And I see them once a year, when the signals meet up.

They’re happy. They adapted. Or, were

Adapted to fit. They seem odd to me now – changed

And with new faces and words and ways.

No I don’t want to go. I’ll stay.

this was submitted to a sci-fi mag, sadly they didn’t publish it, but we writers have to try!

Emigration is the only way by Elizabeth Haley-Wood


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