Some Silly poems


Hey it’s Sunday, the weather is awful – windy, raining and threatening sleet. It’s darker now (2pm GMT) than it was at 6pm yesterday.

So, how about something silly?  Here are some nonsense poems 🙂


The car is sleeping

Upside down!

With his wheels up high.

He snores a lot

and gives a cough.

And when he moves

his windows steam up.

The wall looks on

with a grumpy eye.

She already chased

the birds away.

She wants a snooze

but there’s too much noise.

Trees laugh!

They love the sounds

of their own leaves

rattling in the

early breeze.

Somewhere  a bird is singing

of chocolate cake

and seaside’s brimming

with fallen chips

from frozen hands.

Sorry Miss but…

The otter ate my homework. I told him not to do it. But he chomped through French and History, So quick I didn’t know it.

He said he was still hungry. What else could I do? I gave him my biology, And Geography too.

But he was still – not full. So he nibbled on the fractions. And devoured grammar in a gulp. But he kept on eating…

Art – he said was tasty. Physics & chemistry made him burp! Woodwork was the best of all, though he said the nails did hurt.

He ate – tons & tons! Books and pages & all my pens. Even my school-bag was munched. From top to end.

So, Miss, I haven’t got my homework. You see – it’s all been eaten up!

Elizabeth Haley-Wood


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