Overnight, she became a star! /article


I have talked to many of my friends about instant success. When I mentioned that I was writing erotica, everyone said: ‘Oh like 50 Shades!’ and when I talked about fantasy fiction: ‘JK Rowling – she’s worth a fortune.’

Both authors: EL James & JK Rowling (note no first names as females don’t sell??) did not become famous overnight. They worked hard to achieve success.

Like me, both ladies began their serious writing in their mid 40s ~ I know – I look so much younger! thanks 🙂

JK spent years working on her characters and plots, building the stories in her head and making detailed plans before she finally began writing and then it took lots of rejections before she got a publisher on board.

EL started with fan fiction and developed the idea steadily. She never expected such a furore. But now her name is well-known and she’s earned a nice pile of cash.

It took both writers years to become famous.

And others face the same back-grounds of slogging it out day and night; singers, artists, designers and many talented folk who are following their passion.

The singer Paloma Faith gave a great acceptance speech recently for a well-deserved Brit Award. She mentioned her great team, hard work and how she kept getting arrested for fly-posting! She wrote, sang and even posted her own ads.

Now she is a star.

I don’t expect to become a star ever or even become famous. I’m aiming for a decent career but it is hard work. I have a 6 month plan and a 12 month plan and I read that it takes 1-2 years to get noticed…

I don’t mind waiting, by the way…


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