Novel- it is! /an article from my Writing Room


After a frantic week – my first novel is done!

I am celebrating slightly early on though.

1st  because it needs a final edit – I have lots of RED bits which are the things that need reviewing. I also have lots of ???? where I am not sure if the words flow or where I need to check facts.

2nd – my deadline was Friday 13th March – so a week late. Hey, creative writing doesn’t always fit to timelines.

I was aiming for a short novel (novella) around 66-68 thousand words but it’s tipped the 77K – so that’s good.

3rd – it’s not really my first novel. I have about 6. Some will never see the light of day (or a lit screen) because they are pants! Others may appear once re-worked??

Anyway – I am feeling very 🙂 🙂 🙂 today – right now.

It won’t last – I know! When the editing begins in earnest & I sit for 30 minutes worrying over word choices: is it dreary or darkly ?? Hmm???

anyway – I will be publishing a short prequel story to the novel in the next few days – so watch out!

The novel is a contemporary dark fantasy. It is a modern romance so that means sex but also real emotions and relationships – not just a woman swooning every time the guy smiles vaguely in her direction… oohhh…my eyes are flutering uncontrollably….


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