I love you / a short piece


[from my next eBook anthology]

“I love you. I do though you don’t notice or realise, it seems.

I am ever present, close to you. I surround you, remaining unseen, undetected too. I would like you to notice me. Still love is blind, I hear them say, in whispers between sheets and at the corners of dim lit streets where exchanges are made. I am not of them, not that kind at all. My love is pure. I do not seek anything.

I am part of you, this moment at least. To you, a passing breeze on your skin. To me – a lifetime. As you breathe – I live.

In. Out. In. Out. Each lung fills with air, your sustenance and I slip inside. I am part of you now.

I would like to have a presence to touch your skin, share a closeness that you deserve. I sense your desire but I cannot act on it, I am at pity to reveal. And I see others, plain and open! With limbs entwined in summer lawns, hands held firm and safe for crossing roads. Or quiet and alone, stripped bare so flesh feels flesh and senses burn.

Some share secrets, dreams and hopes and pledge a truth in that moment when the depths of minds are shown raw and emotions flow in rivers red. I cannot give you that – I am sorry.

I have some belief, not in God or eternal life. I have met them both and we didn’t agree on the terms of my existence. Still I am here, in this state.

So I must leave again and drift away to another place and state and time, perhaps we’ll meet again in another world. Maybe there we can be something that is real?

Until then, or never, if that’s the way of things – know this, at least – but I love you.”

by Elizabeth Haley-Wood (will feature in Strange Meetings out on Amazon later this year)


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