Nial Ferguson, bio. Who’s that?


He’s the 28 year old golf-star courting on & off the courses.

From a wealthy Scottish family, Nial began playing around age 11 – thanks to his father’s interest and the large estate at the family estate in Methven that includes a private course.

The young Nial was a natural and soon flew up the ranks of amateur to pro-am, winning his first major tournament at age 15.

He quickly established a firm prescence on the course,not least due to his flamboyant style! Often daring to challenge established rules, the young star showed great talent & significant hunger as he soared into the World top 20 by the age of 19.

Yet, plagued by bad behaviours – he enchanted media attention which some say tainted his game.

Finally taking a break at the height of his career, he was estimated to be worth $78.

The next few years saw a decline in the young man as he battled with rumours of substance abuse before a sudden dramatic return to form.

Lifted back to the edges of the prestigious top 20 rankings, he’s looking as sharp as ever. Both in his dress and play.

So – what’s for the once-fallen poster-boy? Will he charge into the battle, irons raised and return the prince of the green?

if you want to find out – read Foreplay – a story about the chase


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