Politics? – well it’s poetry month, so here goes… / a poem


Politics is hot right now!

Or rather, lukewarm, at least.

I made a cup of tea

Too hot, I read the paper.

Politicians fluffing up the pages

Edge to edge with tales of promise

And harking back to what

Was messed-up by the other lot

“Ah, well, besides….asides…”

They duck and dive

Parry! Scoring points.

It all went wrong way back

In the 80s, someone claimed.

Amidst the news of

A pensioner beaten for twenty quid

And gangs of kids

High on shop-bought treats

Running wild

In our streets

Burning or nicking cars.

The schools half emptied

Then, as truanting is the craze

And teachers left with nought to do…

I think of the 80s

Neon, high-waisted jeans

Ice-cream pastels, music popping

And interest rates soaring

Whilst kids ran amok on streets

And pensioners got mugged…

I search for more interesting pursuits

Suduko! From the free supplementary mag

Also full of over-priced goods

We all should have

And meals we should make.

Oh, my tea! No longer hot.

I sip, it’s cold

But gulping still, quick, quick

Not a drop to waste

Hoping by the end

There will be a mouthful that’s still hot.

There wasn’t.

inspired by something that is happening, or about to happen, soon…


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