The journey ~ my path / a poem


It is my path to choose.

Steps, heel to toe or giant strides

To carry me from here to there.

Where is there ??

Am I even sure. I think not.

But it’s not here.

Some days I walk

Others I crawl

On hands and knees, it hurts.

My head may be above the clouds

Seeing ahead, clearly

My being lifted too.

Then down, low and lowly

And feeling lonely.

Or worse – feeling lost.

My path.

It’s not a straight road

It curves and twists.

There are hidden traps and dips

Tangles, thorns

And impossibly high hedges.

Fences, preventing & barring.

Walls of steel

And infested waters.

I climb

I swim

I run

I walk

I crawl

I glide

I soar…

This is my path.

 Mostly I am alone

Occasional companions hop along

Jeering, cheering, waving flags.

They fade, turn, drift away

To their own ways

And I’m alone, again.

My path isn’t flat

It rises up, uneven

Cracks and cobbles to navigate.

I ache, I cry

I want to give up.

I hesitate, turn – then go on.

There is no other way…

I chose

This is my path.


For everyone on their own journey – keep going!

and remember Success is not measured in wealth…


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