Influence without being an ass /article


I have heard about the book and seen the related film: How to Win Friends and Influence People; what I didn’t know until recently was that the book was first published in 1937.

Over 70 years ago a guy, Dale Carnegie, wrote this great advice book used by entrepreneurs, business owners, self-improvers, career-changers and so on.

The basic rules are relevant now, perhaps more so with Social Media which brings its own demons by the absence of face to face communication. Most people know (or if you think about it, you’ll realise) communication is a combination of tones, facial expressions, body language, shared knowledge/experiences, relevance of subject, interpretation, personal opinions, private experiences, memories (lots more) and some words.

The basics of the book presented the ideal approach: to be nice! Nothing secret, no big reveals. Yet we can easily forget the basics, caught up with shopping/work/family/bills/stress…

So, for my part:

I will admit my mistkes, smile lots 🙂 🙂 🙂 and be friendly, even to strangers! and try not to argue (debate instead) and if someone doesn’t agree with me – I will accept they have their own opinion and that’s fine. I won’t set out to be mean or criticise anyone. I will listen. I will ask about You and listen. I will help if I can and encourage you to be your best. I will share my ideas and welcome your comments. I will give reviews in a positive way.


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