I am (artist) / a poem


I am.

I am a story-teller, a yarn-spinner.

I am a builder

Of towns and worlds, and lives.

I am a painter, dotting and daubing colours muted and bright

In sunsets of duty around solemn hills, with spaceships

Hovering close.

I am a creator of conflicts.

I am the bringer of wars and doom and battles of blood.

I am the darkest horrors of your imagination, or mine.

I will make rivers of tears

From joy, passion and fears.

I am the exposer, the exploiter

The maker and breaker of families and lovers.

I am the magician, casting wondrous spells.

I am the ruler of all the heavens

and Hells.

I am the clock-winder, the mechanic

the engineer, who mends and turns cogs and wheels

unseen, behind the closed curtains; beyond the clouds.

I am the machinist and I release

and watch my creatures

as they dance alone and spiral into sinister depths.

I am the storms and the peace-maker.

I am the one who watches whilst you weep

and feels no regret, for your hurt.

I am your hero and monster.

I am a writer.





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