My week, as it was (1st post in journal): giving away books, Tv and 5 mins of fame on local radio



This is my first journalistic post summing up my last week. And I will aim to keep this up, giving you an insight into my world as a writer.

It was a very good week!

Last Thursday was the World Book Night event. If you have never heard of it: wha?!  It’s been going since 2010 and has a simple aim: get people to read. The target is for those who don’t read to find a love for books and reading.

It works like this: writers/agents/publishers sign-up which means they take no fees and allow a special short-read version of their work to be produced. Then, volunteers hand them out.

I volunteered for the first time. I chose the book: Street Cat Bob and got 18 copies to hand out. It was a great experience, giving something to strangers for nowt. Most were surprised and happy to take the book, a few said ‘no thanks’ and one lady (maybe thinking I was trying to sell something? or fling a custard pie?) – ran off!

Overall I had a great time. It gave me a buzz and proved that I can walk up to strangers and talk to them. So that quashes my belief that I lack confidence, right?!

Feeling on cloud 9: I emailed a bookstore to enquire about stocking my books (once prints available) and/or an event. The email failed. I tried again and it failed. Arghh!

NEXT: I managed to appear on TV on Monday. Yes, telly, the box, television (not a cardboard pretend one either). It was a moment of chance. A well-known panel/chat show (UK) runs every week and always invites callers, tweets etc. So this time I was determined and I rang them. Took a while to get through but I did.

The reward? Well I spoke to the host (Richard Madeley) for a good ten minutes and he even asked about my book title and my author name. So I got a plug 🙂 🙂

Again, the experience was amazing! I was smiling all day.

And finally: Today I did a short spot on my local radio: BCB 106.6FM which is largely run by part-time staff & volunteers.

They were so friendly and I got a cup of tea (of course).

This happened because I asked them. I sent off an email and after a few exchanges we arranged a date/time for me to go on air. I was a little nervous but more excited for my first time on radio.

It was a very good experience. I chatted about my writing (weird style) and blogging and the time flew by.    Cue another day of Big Smiles!!

[now: I am submitting either a poem or short story to Under The Fable]

Summary ~ What I now know ~

I learnt that you have to Go for IT (whatever ‘IT’ is) and don’t give in. If a request is turned down/fails, try again or try someone else. And if the route didn’t work, use a different one.

I am going to visit the bookstore and see them in person.

Volunteer for something. Even an hour helping out will make you feel amazing, you’ll meet new people, gain insights and experience. It is worth it.

Love your local radio station. It was a treat to go there. They support the community in many ways: air time, displays, giving people voices, local news and they still play great music.

And world domination is a good goal but don’t overlook the smaller world, the one right outside your door 😉

/ My 2nd post of ‘My week, as it was’ will be here on 7th May {the auspicious Voting Day in UK}


PS: nowt is a Yorkshire term, not a spelling error; means ‘nothing’ – and ‘wha?!‘ is exactly what I say when shocked/surprised, besides T is for drinking. Bye for now!


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