my 1st novel promo: Foreplay / a story about the chase – how to read it now


So my first Novel eBook is done! Phew, I can put my feet up for a bit. Well, no, I have to start the self-promotion stuff now.

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” From the extremely creative: Isaac Asimov

And learning about Social Media and marketing is a big deal. Thankfully for me I am naturally of the ‘love to learn’ camp and enjoy tackling new subjects. I have a decent IT background so most of the SM stuff makes sense but there are always areas that just don’t click.

My trick is to read, read, read – look for free or cheap eBooks on the subjects; find all the on-line help; practice and write down points – it’s like revising for exams. I personally find this combination works best for me.

Oh! I nearly forgot – my novel is called Foreplay – a novel about the chase.

It’s a modern love story. No swooning, no weak-willed woman desperately searching for her Mr Darcy – no. It’s about love between friends, family; passion in terms of what makes someone happy (career, success) and sexual love.

But there is a dark twist too. No vampires or werewolves but a similar thread that gives the male lead his personal battles.

Available now on AMAZON, Kindle store. You don’t need a Kindle, by the way, download the Kindle App (free) for your devices: laptop, MAC, PC, tablet or smart-phone.

Here’s how….

1. go to [or]

2. choose the Kindle books option

3. look for the link  Free (Kindle) Reading Apps  ~  click on it (UK)

4. follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to go in no time

Got Amazon’s:  Kindle Unlimited ?

This allows you to read books for free (there’s a free 30 day trial on now UK & USA) then it’s a monthly fee.

Most of my eBooks are in the scheme.

You can also LEND eBooks to a fellow Kindle user – do this via your PC/MAC settings. The book is lent to the selected user for 14 days then comes back to you.

>> want to look at my eBooks? find out more here:


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