My week, as it was (2nd)


After the buzz of the previous week, my aim was to settle down and get back on track.

My first task was a good tidy up. I collect ideas because I love to learn so I have a notepad for ‘creative writing ideas’ and another for ‘planning’ plus numerous documents on my computer.

So most of the week was having a Spring Clean. I hate cleaning 😦 but once done, the feelings are good. Lots of things ticked off the Task List and back to being organised. Phew…

I was catching up on all the great content from IndieReCon – if you missed it, some items are still available. There are great tips/info for any writer ~ check them out. I am still wading through the best ones and my head is spinning with all the advice. So I have a folder for the blogs/webinairs/emails and then steadily sort through into: Look at Now or Look at Later, there are also some I delete because they don’t suit me.

It’s hard to dump stuff, especially when it’s free advice from experienced writers but you can’t do it all at once. Those tricks & ideas will still be around in 6 months or a year – you can always find them.

The other big part of my week was getting back into Submissions. I have done about 10 so far and the only one ‘accepted’ was an unsolicited little ditty about a brand of table sauce! They put it on their Facebook page. So getting constant ‘no thanks’ can drop your interest but nobody makes it from their first attempt – George R R Martin took 20 years to realise his dream and Wow! look at how he’s doing…

So I have started again and plan to send some poems off – there are plenty of FREE submission/competitions out there – you’ll find plenty, give it a go! Even if you don’t get anywhere, you have practiced your writing and that should always be No1 priority.

I also lost a day or two because it was a UK Bank Holiday weekend, an extra day off for most workers = party time!

I did and it was fun but took a while to recover – oops!

~ * #  ~ * #  ~ * #

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