a collection of twitterings – dark mini poems


I wrote these in the form of Twitter – 140 characters or less – but they seemed too dark to be on that format.

I like to keep my tweets happier as out of context a dark poem could make someone feel sad 😦 and I don’t want to do that to my lovely followers.

So here are a few of the darker twitterings:

We charged in. Legs and eyes wide open. Not wanting more than a physical thing. Now one of us is broken, the other is silently screaming.

She sits and knits. The ball of blue diminishing with every stitch. At last something new is coming to replace the empty-ness.

Thank you for the blooms. Three years shared in the same bed. Petals of purple and red. Across my body – now spread.

I didn’t write these to fit together but they do in a tragic mini story.

They are all under 140 characters – the first and longest is 137 😉


find more of my writing, in neat collections @


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