SuperHeroes – where are yours?


Everyone needs a Hero (or a gang of them) for inspiration, to remind you to be super and to support you.

Ask yourself: who is my hero?

You may quickly produce a gaggle of them; maybe a pop-star, a couple of actors, a celeb? Probably a parent – just to keep them happy 😉   {hi Mum!}

But look both nearer to home and further away. Don’t restrict yourself to gender, cultures, age or even your own personal interests. Look very close and very far and you could be surprised.

One of my heroes is a woman I know well. She doesn’t know she’s a hero to me but I admire her courage in dealing with all the shit that life throws her way, it seems endless but she copes; she smiles, she has a laugh – she gets on with it. What a Superwoman!

Then, there’s a young woman I just found. I have never met her, she lives in another country and she is a teenager. But her frank and inspiring speech on TED (filmed when she was just 13 years old) captured me – she’s young enough (or I’m old enough?) for her to be my daughter and she inspires me to be a better person. Her name is Maya Penn – check her out. She’s the Eco-Warrior!

Closer to home, by default of our Bradfordian roots – the magician Dynamo hails from down t’road from me. I have read his autobiography and watched his shows. He’s a hard worker who refused to give up his dream and was open and honest about his background. He’s my Unstoppable Fighter.

Now, ask yourself again: who is my hero?

These are your supporters, inspirers, helpers & advisors.

They don’t have to be rich, powerful, famous – just incredible people who make you want to work harder and be a better person. I firmly believe we can (and should) improve constantly throughout our lives. And if 1 person can help you do that – that’s your hero; worship them.


I actually have a folder with pictures & lists of mine, it does include some writers/actors and a variety of people; it grows all the times as I add to it so I have far too many heroes to give them all a shout out here, besides their mine – Go get your own!

– always allow yourself to be inspired by others…

#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~   Have a super week!    🙂


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