some snippets from my eBook: Strange Meetings (a work in progress)


These are extracts from stories that will appear in my next eBook Strange Meetings which is due out this month:


The Fitter

She had slept for a thousand years; or at least a week.

Sleep fell away slowly and she felt like she had been in hibernation, perhaps a winter had passed, with it the dreariness of the snow and ice and cold toes. But as she came awake, she realised she had slept but a night.

Rising with gracefully slow movements, the Princess pushed away the heavy blankets of wool and silk. Her toe had barely reached the floor when the chamber door opened and in poured her ladies-in-waiting. Eager as ever they steered her from the bed to the chair as if she would crumble into dust without their aid.


The Orchard

Under the apple-bowed branches, they rolled on bales of hay.

The apple-maid had been his

And he’d taken her, amidst the orchard,

on top of the hay

one afternoon, in May.



Bride’s Well

I threw a coin in to the well. Why not? It was just a penny. No loss. A satisfyingly soft splash rewarded my simple act.

The simple round stone wall didn’t look aged enough to possess real magic. Surely things had to exist ‘once upon a time’ or at least ‘a long, long time ago’ for such ideals to exert any real belief? The well looked, at most, a decade old. Built neatly with an even top of flat stone on which to perch; below a metre of sturdy mesh prevented accidents. The roof was a round thatch secured by three posts – it looked newly replaced. Still it was a pleasant enough attraction. It was an equal feature to the countryside farm-shop. Set beside a pretty woodland area and a conveniently refurbished barn that offered cakes and candles.

I didn’t make a wish, not even in jest. It’s all theatre isn’t it?

Then – she is there.

Her legs are bare, entwined below a fluttery hem of a floral dress. She is pretty with strong features and she looks at me. I am perplexed and transfixed. I start to walk towards her.


~~~~~ to read the final versions of these tales (and more) look out for my eBook; available on Amazon soon…


Strange Meetings by  Elizabeth Haley-Wood   / dark fantasy & erotica


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