My week, as it was (3)


So it’s already my third journal post! How time slips past so fast when I am looking the other way, it’s so sneaky…

Last Thursday I will begin there because I attended a great FREE event funded by Google. It is a series of UK sessions they are doing to help businesses with social media.

I went along, after booking an hour one to one on-line, at the Leeds digital garage.

I got a host of ideas and tips from a knowledgeable Becky (hi!) and it felt like I had homework to do! I am working through those things but I will be heading back as their funding extends til September 2015. The lesson here is very simple: Grab those opportunities, they are everywhere!

FRIDAY ~ radio again! Ok so this wasn’t self-promo but it was a challenging experience. I went on local radio to discuss the news. It’s a regular spot they run called Round Table. Guests chat about current affairs. Oh it was Friday the 8th May (not only my sister-in-law’s birthday 😉 J) but it happened to be after the UK elections! It was interesting. I was a bit anxious but felt fine once we all got going. So that was me, out of my comfort zone again and tackling those pesky fears (which are really more annoyances).

The Weekend – everyone who works Mon-Friday or even Mon-Saturday loves the weekend. I do but I forget sometimes because I work any and every day. But (with arm slightly twisted) I went out with 2 good friends and we had a fab time 🙂   My current work ethic is: Work! Work! all the time, so it’s great to go out and talk about TV, shoes, politics, food (anything but work).

And the rest?  Well writing of course! I have been battling on with a new eBook and my deadline for the first draft zoomed by on Sunday (oh well) so I am battling on; creating new stories and developing ones I have done. There are always ones you think you’ve done, until you read it again and …. it may split into 2 or morph into something completely different or just turn ‘naff’ and need to get dumped.

I am pleased to have completed 2 performance poems.

I love how they flow and have strong emphasis and ….

~~~  pauses and dramatic Tone Changes!

Once I have a few I will be seeking a suitable platform (dimmed lights, small crowd, easy escape route, bar close by) to perform them.

   If you are writing ~~ remember cats can’t, so you’re better than them, never mind how funny they think they are 🙂

If you are not writing – love the reading and cats doing stupid things

Lizzie HW

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