Meekly seeking / a poem


I am: Weakened


Needing a hand

To lift me higher than I can manage alone.

 Faintly folding in on myself

Holding out for a hero, of course!

And better

If their arrival is upon a white horse!

Tears streaming

Will be wiped away

With a firm hand

And a luscious smile

That takes one’s breath away.


Oh – the hope and joy

Of finding the saviour

The one.


I wish it

I dream it

But am I a fool?

Evading my reality

For the illusions of someone new

And exciting

To tear me apart.


I look, in the moving pictures

For the ideal image

The perfect partner

But they are merely actors

With their smooth hair

And smoother lines

Practiced too far

Not real.


So, each day I look out into

Seas of faces, strangers

With a shimmer of


That one of them

Will look back at me

And they will be captivated.


Recognise an injured soul

Who is full of hope

And has love to give

If the right seeker comes along.


I see around me

The couples, families made


From singledom

To stardom.


Some so quick!

I forget

How most met

A chance stumble, a date

A work event…


Old college mates.

For me these options seem too



I am timid and meek

For that is the sum of me

But I will accept

With open arms

The rescuer

Who can take me from this, my dour world

Where I do not fit.


And maybe, upon a white horse

With wind streaming back her hair

She will come

To lift me from my despair.


~~~~  this twists the traditional romance seen so often, a weak woman waits for her Knight to save her; here the one seeking could be male or female and the Saviour is female. It is still about love. And the weakness isn’t about being ‘female’ but about a mix of feeling insecure, lonely and shy – those are emotions that every person experiences at some time in their life (even the ones who pretend they don’t!).





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