My week, as it was


So another week gone.

It began with HTML code or rather me trying to fathom out what it is – it doesn’t stand for: Have Tea Most Lovely. And it isn’t essential for a writer to fully understand it but it is one of those weird areas that it is useful to know a little about.

So mostly I have been reading books about the digital world. And it is a strange place. I thought my style of writing was odd!

So at the moment I am looking for some good ‘static iFrames’ for my social media sites so I can embed pages – Yawn!!! Sorry if you nodded off then.

But this is what happens to Indie writers you suddenly realise that your Plan 4 Today is reading about: embedding, web-sites, SEO –  sorry!

Saturday was a welcome change. I took a trip around my local park on a bike. I felt like a nine year old kid again. Except I managed to stay on the bike and not crash-land into the tarmac and smash my face in – bonus 😉

Monday & Tuesday 😦 were rubbish days, doldrum days. The worst part of being self-employed (in any career) when you just feel ‘off’. I wasn’t really ill (for that read: menstrual cramps & pain like someone repeatedly punching my stomach, legs, back – I wish that ass would give it a rest).

So I did some ‘thinking’ which is still working, I think, right? At least I claim that on my tax forms (er, Okay…)

Over the worst… and back into full flow of creativity. I rounded off another ‘performance poem’ an ode to Katie Perry and I finished my short story about a unicorn. It isn’t a pink & fluffy rainbow one because it’s a story for grown-ups. I will simply say – the female character had a satisfactory conclusion 🙂

**** my week ended with my Mum asking: “so any more Tv or radio appearances?” and that’s a way to kill a mood. 😦

~#~~#####~~~~~  bye for now!

 Lizzie HW


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