‘The sheriff is a robot?!’ / short read


“There’s been too many thefts!” Grant bellowed. “It’s my land, my cattle, my fucking choice!” He was angry, his face had turned blood-red as he pounded on the desk.

“So we get the Sheriff?” asked his ranch-manager Cal with a shrug. They’d chose against it for years, preferring to manage their own security but these last six months had been hell. Grant hated the idea of it but he nodded, feeling beaten enough.

“Sure. Call ‘em.”

So ninety-three minutes later a Sheriff stood in the steaming cabin-office. Grant stared at it, angry enough that he had to resort to this but also intrigued by the unusual shine of skin. It had a pearl like quality that seemed stretched too tight. The eyes were trying to be blue but kept shifting between grey-blue-purple and that made Grant shiver. He glanced at Cal and they shared common dislike with upturned lips and scrunched eyebrows.

“So how’s this work?” Grant growled not hiding his distrust. He tapped on his paper-packed desk as the thing turned hidden clockwork dials beneath the blue suit. It blinked faster than it should and bended down into the chair – uninvited.

from The Robot & the Cowgirl – appearing in eBook Strange Meetings ~ coming out soon…


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