Self Publishing – the next bit / keywords & blurb


first: a refresh how did you manage with the first two articles?

If you are unsure about contents, formatting, pictures – go to Amazon’s KDP site and take your time to read through the sections. I still check them out (after self-publishing 9 books) because tech changes – always.


If you have read the last 2 instalments you will have been considering your genres. So you will have an idea if you are a romance novelist, a horror writer, a Young Adult (YA) story teller or a comedic poet; you may even be a non-fiction writer.

So when you upload your document you need to choose 2 main Categories, ensure these are your strongest. There are sub-genres too, so when you get to that stage ensure you have a look around before you commit.

There is also an additional 7 keyword option, this is all about people’s searches. So if you were looking for your book, as a reader, what would you search for? Here you can expand on your genres by adding extra information. And a keyword can be two words:

under: Science Fiction / Fantasy – I might want to emphasis ‘time-travel’ or ‘second dimension’ or ‘non-humans’ – whilst under Romance it could be: timeslip, historical or feisty female lead.

It’s worth doing a bit of research by simply doing some searches on keywords that you think link to your book and see what results come up. You can then adjust if you need to.

Good Blurbing

So – What’s your book about?

You should know! You should be able to write it out and make it interesting. Be honest.

You can show by using excerpts or referencing characters or their actions.

Don’t confuse the readers, if you have a comedy kids book, stick to that tone in your blurb too, if you switch to a serious language it will send a messy message.

There is plenty of room but you don’t have to fill it all either.

Try the elevator pitch – explain your whole book in about twenty seconds. Then you can expand on the key themes.

Look at how others do it too. And consider what would appeal to you.

Extras? Anyone?

Before you add your document/book, is it finished? Did you want to add anything else?

A dedication, thanks, a bit about you or any directions to any blog, web-page you have?

Think carefully, of course you can edit it later but if there was something you wanted to add, do it now!

You can add this stuff wherever you want: the front, the back but I wouldn’t recommend the middle (that’s too odd) 😉

The Up Load

Fill in the form, choose the price! And wait…

Have your actual document ready in .doc and convert it to .htm for best results.

The process is usually fairly quick. Amazon will check that you haven’t breached any guidelines: decency, copyright etc.

If they email you back with a query – don’t worry, just follow any instructions. Did you forget the cover or categories? Or if any of your work is already published (say on your blog) they may ask you to confirm your rights. That’s ok, just do it.

At this stage:

If you are not sure – save it as Draft and go back later. The great thing about uploading digital work is that it is very easy to edit. You are always in control of cover, price, categories/keywords and the actual book – you can change any of it.

Once the email comes back to confirm your book is LIVE people can buy it!   >>> go celebrate!!

Well done! And good luck 🙂  🙂

Don’t forget to Tell People!

/ next week: your Bookshelf, Editing and more on KDP Options



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