My week, as it was


This was a ‘grindstone’ week as I battle to get the next book finished, way past my original deadline of somewhere at the start of May!

The beginning of the week, that was:

I started by using one of those old-fashioned tools of a writer – a diary. I tried on-line calendars but failed because I like to doodle and write outside the lines. So I have resorted to a 2015 slim-line version (complete with a ribbon book-mark) and a weekly notes section. It’s great!

I love modern tech but sometimes a little book set with dates/days and a pen is all I need!

Schedules & drafting… is another new habit. Take this journal. Draft #1 was started last Saturday. And then I set a scheduled date/time for the actual posting so unless I need to anything last minute I can go do something else – like finish that book…

Besides gardening (good for clearing the mind and stretches those unused muscles writers get: anything below the shoulders…) I did an email clear-out. I hate the task more than cleaning the bathroom (honestly).

There are ones to delete straight off = easy.

Ones to read for that tiny snippet of useful info, half-way down, which you then have to ‘keep’ somewhere… I save the email then wonder why, and read it all until I go ‘ah yes, that bit!’ oh well I better save this and … on it goes..

The need action soon kind that always end up not getting actioned anytime this side of the century 😦

Some things never change whether you work in an office, on a building-site or from home…

Bonus though! my eBook is nearly, almost done… I think. Perhaps a bit more editing? Oh I need to tweak that sixth story and alter the tense and…back to the grindstone…

Bye! til next week (when that ruddy book better be done)

Lizzie HW 🙂


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