24 hours being a writer / the reality


A writer’s day: 8 hours in blissful sleep, 2 hours dreaming, searching for that figure in the blue dress that appeared somewhere and suddenly left, leaving a trail of dialogue you can’t remember or quite forget.

2 hours eating; biscuits, cereals and toast & whatever is easy to grab, from the fridge as you pass to do something else and faintly are reminded that you haven’t eaten for a while…

3 hours ignoring the cleaning or pretending to attempt it; by managing to wash some dishes and leaving the rest to soak and, with great protests, about the interruptions and stress – drawing the duvet up, as if it’s weighted with the rubble of a whole town and dropping it like a tidal wave that crashes down, as if breaking upon a volcanic shore at the knees, of kneeling giants.

2 hours watching Tv for ‘research’ – an hour reading (that’s leisure); we are afforded time-off for good behaviour, sometimes. Everyone needs pleasure.

an hour obsessing over ‘it was raining’ OR ‘it had rained’ because it is a vital, pivotal, plot-altering point and then choosing ‘it rained’ with a satisfied, exhausting grunt.

20 mins on a cup of tea – 20 mins staring out of the window for inspiration (watching the neighbour’s cat, the grass or clouds) watching the cars go up and down, waiting for the post or a delivery van or anyone who you can pretend to know and wave at, even if they refuse to acknowledge you.

– 2 hours proper work, fingers zooming over the keyboard as blurry streams forge their way across a screen, that’s hardly seen, until, at the end, when thousands of words have emerged as if crack’d from gilded, china eggs.

30 mins browsing the webs, all of them, in case an important FACT about the celebrity who found her wig to be dead, was omitted from the first six versions you read.

20 mins checking Social media – scrolling randomly and dropping Likes like hi-fives! In no particular order & missing the one important post you started looking for in the first place…

another hour writing something new – a spark that burned so bright it couldn’t be ignored! followed by 10 mins re-reading the work already done & deciding it’s pants and deleting it all, to start again.

20 mins showering/washing/dressing or thinking about it and giving, maybe 2 mins, to hastily remove yesterday’s pyjamas for a clean set just before your partner comes home. Then smiling, as if you just did an Amazing thing.

And essentially: 60 mins going to/from and being in the bathroom. That is exercise, right?

~~ this is typical for me anyway 😉 ~~  some writers are so structured & organised they get up before 8am! Imagine that… no, no don’t it hurts too much….

Lizzie HW


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