My week, as it was / delayed! (spoken word, Hay festival and a submarium)


oops technical error alert! This was scheduled for last week but tech-pixies held it ransom – so 4 days late, here’s my journal post…


June already! Officially British summertime, hmm, that began with terrible storms!

So this week saw me finally finish my latest book – yeah! 🙂

The collection of poems/stories are done. I need to edit, spell-check, add links (for the digital upload), write blurb and sort a cover. So still plenty to do!

Who thinks writing a book ends when the story does? On no, that’s only half of the work.

Anyway I am trying to persuade my husband to create a cover image for this one. He used to love drawing years ago so I bought him new pencils and dusted off the smock – he needs ‘space’ now apparently. Huh! These artists: delicate, tricky, souls…

Between a terrible toothache  – think it’s a wisdom tooth 😦 – I drafted a new book. Now that might seem great, seeing as I am a writer. I already plan to publish in November. But, the thing is I have a queue of others waiting for their chance in the light. I can almost hear their sad little sighs as they are looked over for the NEW shiny thing.

When I was a phone-in guest on TV, the host asked about writer’s block and I honestly said I didn’t get it, instead I suffer with writer’s flood! It never stops and sometimes I do feel like I am drowning; then I pull myself together and think how lucky I am to have a fountain of ideas. [Yes, OK! Story about the genetically altered human/wolf I will start you next – sorry Nora in the roses – you’ll have to wait a bit longer – go do some weeding… ~ yes, this is what it is really like in my head].

Meanwhile… the BBC Radio has begun a year of celebrating The Spoken Word – hurray! I am very happy about this. I write but I know the power of poetry spoken aloud. I love music too. And who doesn’t love to hear a great voice reading a story?

I will be listening – hopefully (if I am lucky) participating in some small way…

I have also been catching-up on the HAY festival. I wasn’t able to go but the BBC have lots of great interviews on their catch-up service so happy days for me (not the husband) as I absorb every word uttered by Neil Gaiman & co.

Sadly, no cycling this week 😦 mainly due to horrible weather: wind, rain, cold… but I did spend over 2 hours hacking at the lawn (that’s proper exercice!) and I visited The Deep which houses the world’s only submarium! That means an aquarium with sea creatures – maybe there is more than one of those? Maybe they have the largest? Anyway – it was brilliant. No performing dolphins nonsense just a great educational trip.

Sure that will create some ideas for stories – hmmm, haven’t written anything under the sea (yet!)


Lizzie HW


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