My week, as it was / radio again! learning not to rush & listening to language


Last Thursday was my brother’s birthday. As is family tradition, I wrote silly poems in his birthday card. It is something I have been doing since I was a teenager. Not every card gets a poem but most do. And I don’t keep copies, it is a fleeting bit of poetry and may be enjoyed for but a few moments, then lost/destroyed. Mum keeps the ones I send to her and Dad.

I don’t mind that these snippets are ‘lost’. It gives me a sense of setting things free. We cannot retain every written word. There has been lots of talk about this as a problem with the internet storage/compatability that data will be lost, stranded. [ a theme for a poem, story ? maybe?]


Friday was Radio Day! Again I was a participant on the local station’s current affairs programme. I was less nervous and met four new people. They were not ‘new people’ but new to me, of course! It was also the BBC’s Free Music Day and I managed to stand in the blazing sun and watch/listen to a huge chorus of children singing medlies. It included one of my favourite songs: Daydream Believer – happy 🙂 🙂


Work took a dramatic turn. I read over my only published novel (the other books are collections of shorts/poems) and was embarrassed at the errors. OH! I call on fellow writers to be so careful before publishing: spell-check, grammar check, proof-read – I told them. Hmm, I did those but obviously not with enough attention.

Many problems were typos and easily corrected: at instead of as, Ashe merged from As she… but there were some other issues. Mixed plot lines or unclear order of words. Ahh!

Well that is Big Lesson! I will always take more care. I rushed, that’s the truth. So keen to get my book ‘out there’. Still we learn from such mistakes. I learned to be patient, to take my time, to read my work over and over but also to allow some distance so I can see these problems. I know the story and plot so, it’s like when your brain can read a word that’s typed icorrtlny (see!) a writer’s mind will fix the issues.

So I am re-working and I know it will just make the novel even better!



Blue, scary face.

She needed a better skincare routine.

 Apart from the crazy editing – I am awaiting a book cover design for my next collection. Hopefully my husband will be persuaded… he used to study art, many years ago. I think he’s got the bug, he’s already drawn two images – great but not quite right for my book. We’re working on it together. But I won’t rush him 😉

This is one of his drawings from a few years ago. It was inspired by a book cover – can’t recall which – so need him to do something equally strange!

The weekend saw a Poetry event in Bradford hosted by the nearby Ikley as part of their Lit Fest which happens in October. There were plenty of free events as well as paid-for options. I spent a delightful afternoon on Sunday listening to many voices. Some spoke in languages I don’t know. It didn’t matter because the richness and variety of tone was still a joy. It is like music, how a voice is deep and warm; another light and delicate and we were lucky to get translations from one speaker. I chatted to a young man who spoke 5 languages! He had his book and was telling me how he was attempting translations to English. Now consider that task – keeping the flow, some rhymes and the same themes and converting to a language that has a different cadence… not easy!

I also spoke to a Poet who kindly gave me her email, just like that! Lesson alert! Don’t be scared to talk to strangers, some will give advice, others may want to swap details – they are just like you! The lady explained how she was nervous before speaking and when I said I hadn’t done that yet but wanted to; she encouraged me. Equally, she hadn’t published anything, I have. So never presume you know how a fellow writer is working. That’s similar to a lesson from Ms Swift (the singer) who says she never assumes people know her name and always introduces herself. How n


making faces

give me an OH!


My next task – to attend a local poetry group. I know of one that meets every month, so my diary is marked! {also just came across a regular, monthly event close to me that is open to poets, musicians, dancers – all artists willing to perform! ~ need to practice my projections Ahhh BEEE Ceee!}



The rest of the week =   editing that pesky novel!

I also took time to watch some of the Women’s World Cup. England played France on Tuesday and  I am not a huge football fan (rugby is my game) but it’s important to support the national team. Like most fans I have a second, it is Canada. Not because they’re hosting but I have visited the country twice and it’s always be a pleasure. I will be going again, don’t know when… / England lost, by the way, 1-0 Boo!  😦

But hey! I won another free chocolate bar at my local shop! I love free stuff 😉

In between all of this, I am reading The Quick a delicious gothic horror (watch for my review on Sunday 14th June in the regular/new post: every 2nd Sunday- The Slice).

Wednesday (yesterday) was an early start 7am! But I planned changes to my blog <this blog> then did a house-clean, laundry & wrote two draft blogs ~ all before lunch!  Amazing what a bit of sunlight can do…

Bye now…

Lizzie HW

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